Fish Hook Web Services

A website is a key tool in reaching customers in the modern, digital age. Let us design and build your new mobile-compatible and search engine optimized website.



Web Design

Let us design a modern website to help you reach a wide audience. Here's just a few features that are included:

  • Search-engine optimized HTML5 helps keep your site high in rankings on search engines.
  • Responsive design makes your site look great on all screen sizes, including desktop, tablets, and mobile devices.
  • Modern styling techniques uses native browser styles and special effects. No plugins required.
  • Browser-side scripting allows for custom actions and user interaction directly on the browser.

Content Management System Integration

A Content Management System (CMS) can be used to manage your own content, without the need for a developer. We can add custom functionality to an existing CMS to fit your needs.

Full-Stack Web Development

In addition to web design, we also provide backend server-side development and database design. This provides the following options:

  • A new, stand-alone web application.
  • Modifications to existing applications.
  • Integration with other projects.

Graphic Design

Graphic design goes hand-in-hand with web development, but can also be a separate product.

We can provide a number of services related to Graphics design. Let us help you improve your branding using a number of methods. Some products are separate from web design, and some are included.

  • A new custom logo can improve perception of your institution.
  • User-interface design can be used to make it easier for your users to understand navigate your content.

About Brad

Brad started out in web development in 1999. Since then, he has had many technology related pursuits. He started college aiming for a Computer Science degree, but moved and graduated with a Bachelor's of Business Administration in Computer Information Systems.

He has had many opportunities in different technology related fields in a variety of industries, including Telecom, Healthcare, and Financial. He has held the title of CIO while working for a small town hospital. After working in the field of Information Technology for 5 years, Brad decided to devote fully to making a career from web development. He is currently a Web Application Developer at CoNetrix, where he is working with a team to build and grow a web application used by over 1000 financial institutions.

Brad started Fish Hook Web Services in 2007.