Fish Hook Web Services

Providing Value for Your Church Members


An online presence for a church is important in an Internet centric world. An online presence can be a website, a Social Media account (Facebook, Twitter, etc), or even an app, though having a dedicated app can be an expensive endeavor. Your online presence should have three primary goals.

1. To Provide Value and Information to Members

The first purpose is to provide information to your membership. Some of the information a member might go to find is upcoming events, or sermon recordings. They might also like to see some news items commonly found in the bulletin.

2. To Attract Local Residents to Your Community

The second purpose is marketing in your community. Our aim as Christians is to reach out to the lost and dying, and what better place than our neighbors and friends living around us.

Face to face ministry is important, but it's important to use every avenue we have available to reach those who we might be able to talk to, or who might be looking.

3. To Provide Information to People Across the Globe

For everyone else who happens upon your site, there can also be some things that provide value. Someone who is planning to visit the area might come looking for your service times, or would like to hear a sermon from your minister on a particular topic.

You may also be found by someone that is not saved, who is looking for some information. It might be good to provide a basic "what we believe" page.

Interested in improving your online presence? Contact me for more information.